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Adam shades

I have a problem with letting people add me to their friends list... and then I realize that they are annoying and/or dumb and/or full of themselves(for no apparent reason) and they write the most asinine journal entries and then... I must delete them.  Obviously, if you are reading this, I love you. :) 

Jonathan and I have been redecorating the house lately and I can't wait until we can start painting.  I'm excited!  I have a few pieces of art(not MY art, just art.  I actually have a problem hanging my own pieces in the house.) that have inspired the designs for the rooms, which makes things easier for me.  I'm thinking of a red or blue for the living room, a blue for the kitchen (with red,orange,green and yellow accents), ANYTHING different for the very PINK-MAKE-ME-WANT-TO-VOMIT bathrooms, and maybe a pretty lavender (well, darker than lavender...purple) for the master bedroom and I'm undecided about the office/studio and the guest room. Blah blah blah, no one cares about this crap. 

My beautiful Amelie poster came in yesterday and its hanging in the living room.  I also got the dvd but I'm still waiting on the soundtrack. 

I wish I knew how to invest in the stock market because I would invest in the Citigroup, just because they are tanking so badly and the stocks are less than $1 a share.  So, who knows... not me.  I need my future self to come back and tell me what to do. 

I love digging around in the attic and finding beautiful treasures.  Today, I went up  and I found three very old cameras, probably from the 60s or 70s, in great condition.  Its like going to a yard sale everyday and scoring great deals but only for free.  See, Jonathan lived in this house most of his life with his parents and when they moved out they left a lot of stuff in this house and they gave the house (with everything) to Jonathan....So, sweet. 

Anyway, I need to get to French now. 

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Which Amelie poster did you get? I'm thinking of ordering the Japanese red one with her in the bed.

I can't wait until I can decorate my new apartment after the summer.
How's French going?

I got the red Japanese one, its so pretty. :) French is coming along. I can tell its going to be easier for me to read/write it than to speak it or carry on a conversation. I wish I had a French friend who could help me speak it.

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